The purpose of this MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is to help participants grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, increase their knowledge of His financial principles and learn to apply them to their personal financial decisions. This process will lead you to a life of meaning and purpose and eternal joy.


Crown Financial Ministries does not endorse, recommend or sell any financial investments. No one may use their affiliation with Crown to promote or influence the sale of any financial products or services. Please report any violation of this policy to us using the phone number or email address at crown.org/contactus.

Crown’s MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study does not give specific investment advice. No one may use his or her affiliation with Crown to give specific investment advice.

Kingdom Advisors, founded by the late Larry Burkett, is devoted to equipping Christian financial advisors to apply biblical wisdom to their advice and counsel. To learn more about the organization and its Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation, please visit KingdomAdvisors.org.

This study is affordably priced because we do not want cost to be an obstacle to people who desire to participate. If you find the study valuable and want to help make it available to others, visit crown.org to make a tax-deductible gift to Crown Financial Ministries.