You know your design.
Help others find theirs.


You were made for this!

What if you could empower others to live how God designed them? Enlarge your impact by helping others discover their design and bring hope back into their lives.

What if you had a premium tool that could bring hope to hurting lives, increase your income, build a ministry, and cultivate meaningful relationships?

Start helping others find their God-given design today!

flexible | personal | crystal-clear steps

Go ahead, take their word for it…

How becoming a Career Direct Consultant
can change everything


“Career Direct is purely revolutionary. With just one test and one debrief session, your work life is going to be redirected according to the most important thing: you and your unique design.”


 “As a trained psychologist that uses many different tests and assessments on the market, I am convinced that Career Direct is the best assessment tool for helping people to discover their design.”


“I love being able to help people unleash their potential and become so confident about who they are that they are able to seize opportunities they would never have dared to go for before.”

Imagine the exponential impact you could have…

  • Influence someone spiritually and professionally 

  • Build your network by creating long-lasting relationships

  • Increase your income while bringing life-transformation to others

  • Empower others to discover their calling 

  • Experience the support of a network of peers and coaches to encourage you

Career Direct Consultant Training

Career Direct Consultant Training walks you through the steps to become a certified consultant with engaging training videos and a personal coach. In just one to two weeks, you will: have a new framework for career decision making, know how to utilize Career Direct to grow your income, and be equipped to help others have clarity for their future and confidence in their identity.

That’s our promise to you.

Career Direct Consultant Training Introduction

CONVENIENT: an online course that you can access any time using any device that connects to the Internet

FLEXIBLE: self-paced, meaning you decide how and when it fits into your busy schedule

PERSONAL: you will have a personal trainer who is equipped to make sure you succeed

CHALLENGING: because of the life changing foundation of Career Direct, the training process is both extremely rewarding and rigorous

CRYSTAL CLEAR: don’t guess on what the next steps are! The training process is simple, and easy to follow

Registration Options

Course + Consultation

Includes Career Direct course and a personal Consultation
(mandatory for participation / worth 3,400 NT)

9,900 NT

Course Only

For those who have previously completed the Career Direct assessment
(please bring a print out of your results)

8,400 NT


For those who have been consultants in the past, but have allowed their certification to lapse.

4,900 NT


For currently certified consultants who desire a refresher on the Career Direct training.

2,900 NT

Available For You…

Your own live consultation with your coach
Access to exclusive discounts for Career Direct

Downloadable marketing materials and training materials
Consultant Dashboard & Consultant Profile on our website
 2 Free Assessment Codes to get started
Opportunity to receive leads from our website
Consulting network for idea sharing, encouragement, and support
Resources for facilitating workshops for individuals or organizations

June 16th-17th (Fri. and Sat.) 2017
6/16 8:55am to 9:00pm
6/17 8:55am to 6:00pm

Wu Chang Church
No.38, Minquan 1st Rd.
Lingya Dist.
Kaohsiung City 802
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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